Thursday, 18 November 2010

Staging types


Proscenium arch stage
The proscenium arch stage is an old traditional stage which often has decorative architecture. The stage” proscenium arch” in Latin means in front of the scenery as all the audience watch from the front. This stage is used for a lot of different acts like drama, plays, concerts and musicals

Thrust stage
The thrust stage is a modern stage then the proscenium arch and has the advantage of greater intimacy between audiences and performers. A thrust stage extends into the audience from three sides which mean the audiences have great views from every angle, which also may generate a better atmosphere.  The thrust stage is also used for drama plays but also displays exhibitions and fashion shows.

In –the -round stage
The in the round stage has contemporary staging which  makes the audiences feel that they are part of the play as they completely surround the play. This also can create an intimidating atmosphere for the actors as the audience is so close to you. The in the round stage has very flexible uses as it can host classical/ rock concerts, exhibitions, TV shows, presentations and conferences.

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