Thursday, 18 November 2010

The role of a production designer

All production designers have great artistic qualities and often specialize in 3D theatre or film design. To be a successful production designer you often need to have a lot of good skills to succeed in the industry like, great communication skills to communicate with other workers, strong managerial skills to organize your workers and technical skills to understand set construction, lighting and stagecraft. The production designer should also communicate & work with the director, Producer and crew so they are all on the same path and know what to do. A production designer also needs to be organized, creative, observant and tolerant of other and have a wide subject knowledge as all of these skills will help him/her in the future to become a great production designer.

Personal qualities and skills needed to be a production designer.

Communicates visual ideas with images & words
Analytical: needs to understand & interpret scripts
Research: has wide subject knowledge of historical styles
Managerial: must organise the crew/art dept. to create the sets & run the budget
Technical: understands set construction, lighting & stagecraft
Collaborative: has to communicate & work with the Director, Producer & crew
Personal qualities
Wide subject knowledge

                                                                    John Nappier
I decided to look at a professional production designer and came across John Napier who was a successful designer. John Napier was born march 4th 1944 in London; he studied at Hornsey College of Art and Central School of Arts and Crafts. John Napier has worked for big companies and has designed a lot of successful productions like Peter Shaffer Equus, Trelawny of the wells, an enemy of the people and Candide. John Napiers work hasn’t gone unnoticed as he has won many awards such as Laurence Olivier Award for Best Set Design; Tony Award; a drama Desk Award for Outstanding Set Design.


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