Thursday, 18 November 2010

Jobs in theatre/ staging

1.       Director:  A director’s job is to over look, manage, organize a program or a project and is in charge of everything.
2.       Producer: A producer’s job is to produce; the producer overlooks the whole process including co coordinating and supervising matters such as fund raising.
3.       Designer: A designer is a person who creates, there are different kinds of designers like set designers who create and decorate the set and costume designers who make costumes and props.
4.       Lighting designer:  A lighting designer is there to direct light at the right times on a set when needed.
5.       Musical director: A musical director is someone who directs music in a play or a film; they may also create the music themselves making different music for different scenes or plays.
6.       Stage manager: A stage manager role is to organize and conduct a theatrical production; it is his job also to make sure that he communicates with the back sage crew, actors and the director.
7.       Stage crew: The stage crew is a group of workers who work backstage and help out from opening and closing curtains to moving scenery and are usually there to provide help with the little things that are included in the play.
8.       Choreographer: A choreographer is someone who helps and organizes the actors before a play this might include acting lessons or dancing lessons.
9.       Prop master: A prop master is responsible for the creating and organizing a prop for a pacific play or musical.
10.   Dresser / wardrobe assistant: This is someone who helps dress the actors and also chooses their clothes for them for pacific moments of a play.
11.   Publicist: A publicists job is to generate publicity for a certain play or musical by advertising it and attracting the audience to the play.

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