Thursday, 18 November 2010

Mood board evaluation

A mood board is a collage of pictures based on one topic. A mood board consists of visual images on a certain topic and is mainly used by designers to help them get an idea on what they are looking for. When I made my mood board it was based on the movie the little shop of horrors. I had to do a lot of research on scary looking plants, to do this I went on google and wrote a lot of different key words to help me find the right images like “scary plants” “little shop of horrors plants”” monster plants” and many others. These key words helped me find the right images for my mood board and made my mood board stand out and look good. After I did my mood board it helped me and my colleagues to design the set we were making of the play on the little shop of horrors as we created a huge scary plant just like the one in the movie. Using a mood board helped me a lot and is useful for anyone researching anything.

1950 New York moodboard
After watching the musical "The little shop of horrors" we had to produce a 1950s New York based moodboard. we had to research about New York and view images on how it use to look back in the 1950s. We had to do this as the little shop of horrors was based in the 1950s so making a moodboard was essential for our preparation and helped us design our model sets.

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