Thursday, 18 November 2010


We are making a play based on the sketch the little shop of horrors and we are all separated in groups doing different things and my job is graphic design. I will be researching posters, scary plants and typefaces linked with the little shop of horrors and I also have to design a poster of my own, I will be doing this by using Photoshop to make my poster look more professional and appealing to people as the posters will attract the viewers. We as a class have been split up into groups and are all doing different things, we are doing all this as our school is creating the play “Little shop of horrors” and we have to make the props for it. I found this very interesting as I have never done set design before and have learnt a lot of new things and now know how stressful it can be organising a play. I believe I also gained a lot of new skills by working in a group it helped me develop my communication and listening skills and also how working in a group means working together at all times.

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