Sunday, 22 May 2011

  1. What responsibilities should be considered when advertising to the public?
When creating an advertisement which will be viewed by the public many aspects come into consideration mainly being if it is suitable and appropriate to be viewed. Whether an advertisement is presented in text or images, certain subjects which may be included in an advertisement may be copyright or inappropriate for the viewers. You have to take these situations into consideration as it is important to your publicity factor and can make or break your advertisement.
2.   How did this impact on your promotional campaign for the show?
My role was to create the poster for the show so I had to take legal and offensive aspects into consideration before creating the poster. I had to make sure my poster didnt contain anything which was copyright or have any content which would offend a viewer. The main situation which I faced was making sure the picture in my poster didnt contain anything which was copyright. I also made sure that my poster didnt contain anything which would offend any viewers.
The ASA is the UK's independent watchdog, who are committed to maintaining high standards in the benefit of consumers, advertisers and society. The ASA make sure that adverts remain legal, decent, honest and truthful for the watching viewers. They also investigate complaints and also monitor and take action against misleading, harmful or offending advertisements. The ASA make sure that the advertisements do what they say and do not generate false hope to viewers.
The ASA deal with the following types of marketing communication to make sure that they are advertising properly and not doing anything iliegal.

  • Print and press ads

  • Posters

  • Television commercials

  • Radio ads

  • Internet ads (banner and display ads and paid-for search)

  • Marketing communications on companies' own websites and in other, non-paid-for space under their own control

  • E-mail and text messages

  • Direct mail

  • Competitions, special offers

  • Sales promotions

  • Cinema commercials

  • Teleshopping

  •  How important is regulation in media? Why?
    Regulations are highly important in media as it prevents advertisements being false or inapropriate and help make the advertising industry more trustworthy for viewers. Having regulations helps keep the media clean as without regulations advertisements could claim false facts and inapropriate texts and images. So it is hugely important that there are regulations in the media, not only for the advertisements but also the people who view the advertisements.

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