Wednesday, 25 May 2011


During the production I believe I developed vital skills and gained valuable knowledge as this was the first time I had ever been involved in the creating of a production. In the beginning of the production i didnt really understand the work and effort it took into creating a musical, i didnt expect it to be so difficult and time consuming. it took me a while to understand how productions work and how they are staged and all the backround work that had to be done in order for the production to be a success. As the prodcution progressed so did my abilities as i started to understand more and more about productions and started to grow confidence.
When working in groups I felt more comfortable as it was a team effort, I believe i contributed consistentley and wasnt afraid to get my point across. i was part of the graphics group and our task was to create the poster for the play. This was a big challenge as i knew the poster was the main attraction for the audience to come to the production. I struggled with making the poster as i felt my final poster was not good enough as it seemed to plain and dull. Thnakfully as a group we came together, combining all our ideas and making a poster as a group, which was a great success.
Overall I had a lot of up and down's during this production, learning and understanding many things and greatly enjoying my experience. I gained a lot of vital skills such as team work, communication, listening and leadership skills, these will come in use for future employment. I enjoyed being part of this production and learnt many things which i never thought i would, and i am greatful for this valuable experience.

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