Monday, 3 January 2011


For this unit we had to set up a musical production called “The little shop of horrors”.  I personally have learnt a lot about theatre like setting up a production, staging and how important the audience is. I realised the ups and downs of being a production designer a high point being showing your work to an appreciating audience. Once we finished designing our production it was acted out by students from our school and was a great success with the audience, we received many great feedbacks.

Deadlines are vital for a production, when planning a production you realise how important deadlines are as if you miss one deadline the whole production can fall apart. I can now understand how much hard work it takes to set up a production and now feel I understand how much pressure there is for professionals working in the theatre industry as they can’t afford to make the same mistakes as we might have done.

 My role was in graphics and we had to design a poster for the production, we all made separate posters but then decided to combine all our ideas into one poster. I feel I showed good leadership, listening and communication skills working with my group as I communicated with others, voiced my opinions and listened to what others had to say. Before we started the unit I thought designing a production would be a simple job and wouldn’t take that much time or effort but I was wrong as it is one of the most hard and stressful experiences of my life. Overall I am grateful we studied this unit as it gave me a great aspect of life as a production designer.

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