Monday, 3 January 2011


The main part of setting up the production (little shop of horrors) included attracting an audience to view it. We did this by making a poster, a few of us made separate posters and then decided to combine our ideas together and make one poster. We also had to make sure our poster didn’t contain anything copyright. Our target audience was mainly aimed at children, so we had to make sure our poster contained the right text and images to catch the viewer’s eyes. We then made copies of our posters and displayed them around the school to attract the students.
Audience feedback
We interviewed some of the audience to ask them for their feedback on the production.

·        “The show was great! Really looked real and was very colourful.” (Baldeep, 14 yrs)
·        “That plant scared me it looks so realistic”(Jaspreet, 16)
·        “It was very professional looking i really enjoyed it. The lighting was great and the set design made the production look real” Mr Khan (Dad 39)
·        “The props and background were impressive, especially the giant plant and how it got bigger and bigger in each scene, that was the best bit. It really looked like it was eating people” Mr. Edwards (Teacher, 59)
·        “I loved the music it really helped me to get into the play” (stevenson, 15)
·        “I really enjoyed it and was shocked to see how real the plant looks it actually scared me a bit” (Harleen, 16 yrs)

Overall the play was a big success and received great reviews from the audience. It was great to hear such positive feedback from the audience as we worked hard to create and design the production. I personally was proud to see our production coming to life especially the plant as it actually looked real. I am glad to have contributed to the production and I now know how hard and stressful it is to be a production designer but it is also a great feeling to see your production being a success.

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